Let Me Motivate

You & Yours

Hey there! Let me provide you with a snapshot of why I am qualified to teach, train and develop your team! I hold a Master's in Educational Administration and a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Public & Non-Profit Management. Those degrees,  my diligence and eagerness to constantly build provided me over 17 years of executive level experience in public, non-profit, educational and ministry organizations. I held positions such as Dean of Students, Licensing Specialist for Foster Care, Assistant Principal, Director of Operations and more.


My most recent position was the Director of Youth Ministries for New Life Covenant Church SE, one of the largest urban ministries in the United States, before transitioning full time in my business in 2020. As the Director, I designed and developed ministries, programs and initiatives for over 7500 youth and cultivated a full time staff along with over 200 volunteers. Leading in positions like these were enjoyable but also challenging for me being oftentimes the minority in age, ethnicity and gender at the executive level. This is why I now specialize in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in various marketplaces. 

Although having access to so much and experiencing great favor with organizations, I wanted to do more. I started my business part-time for three years while working full time undergoing a divorce, raising two small children and losing both of my parents to cancer. I pressed through some of the darkest times not only to excel at work but also in my business enough to retire myself in December 2019. In the last four years as a solo-entrepreneur, I've been able to help several women build businesses, write books and heal from trauma. I've also created programs, initiatives for businesses while also developing their staff members for success. It has been amazing and I am excited to do more now that I have a full team. Together we have new vision and new strategies for businesses globally. As you can see I know how to build in the dark, but in the light I dominate. And now so will my team! 


Laverne travels all over to speak for all women empowerment events. She loves to uplift women by sharing her story. Some of her topics of motivation are:


  • Self- Love & Confidence

  • Owning Your Story

  • Rebuilding From What Broke You

  • Discovering Your Purpose

  • Don't Just Survive, But Thrive

  • Dream Again

  • Love After Heartbreak

  • & More

Consulting & Training

Bliss Dream Love Coaching LLC is a premier service consulting organizations on ways to enlighten, enrich and elevate their personnel in order to increase their bottom line. We believe that a business truly reaches success when it strengthens itself from the inside out. Investing in the development and accurate deployment of staff shifts the organizational perception, productivity and profit. We specialize in preparing your team for excellence in order for your dream business to become a reality. We work with public & non- profit, educational, ministry and government agencies. Some areas of expertise but not limited to are :

  • Compassionate Leadership Development

  • Staff Professional Training & Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

  • Women in Leadership Development & Training

  • Strategic Operation Management & Planning

  • Program Design & Implementation

  • Executive Coaching

  • Virtual Leadership Management & Strategies

  • Work Life Balance Staff Strategies