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Coach Alicia is our money powerhouse!!! Alicia guides women through becoming self-sufficient in their finances through debt elimination and wealth building. Alicia doesn’t play when it comes to keeping these coins tight and tall!!!! She has even helped me value the money I bring in my business and to use it in a method that will set my children up for a better way of life!!! If your money funny and you tired of laughing, sis checks her out!!! She will get you all the way together!!! And all her techniques and strategies are biblical, practical, and reliable!!!! Glad you on the squad, Alicia!!!! Visit her at 

Coach Tiffany has been helping women love themselves so they can attract the relationship love they deserve!!! Her coaching method is authentic, sincere, and successful. She has a “Keep it Real” style of guiding women to freedom from unhealthy relationships. She strives for her clients to love themselves first so others will know the standard of care they deserve to receive in meaningful connections. Keep up the great work Coach Tiffany!!! 

If you need a spiritual coach who will get your entire life together in the heavens and earth, Coach Deidre is the one for the job!!!!!! Her remarkable faith, patience, and Godly wisdom provide more than a coaching session but a transforming experience!!! Thank you Coach Deidre for being so amazing!!! Visit her at 

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FALL 2020  

Coach Crystal is so bomb in the best way possible!!! She coaches you on how to live a life full of peace, joy, and tranquility. Her techniques help you explore what is causing confusion, disorder, and chaos in your life to discover methods to transform your perspective. If you need peace in the midst of a personal/professional storm, Coach Crystal can help you get there!! Visit her at

Hey Coach Tamika AKA Jhe' !!! You are such an amazing coach that helps women understand healing from the inside out. Literally y’all!! She is a natural and holistic coach that will guide you through a transformational healthy lifestyle for your mind, body, and soul!! We are so blessed to have you on the team Sis!!! Visit her at 

Coach Monica is all about the glow up!!! She helps women bounce back from breakups so they can find their inner joy and peace!!! She walks them through healing, self-love, and empowerment method that will get them ready to face the world again with a chip on their shoulders!!! And that chip is CONFIDENCE!!!!

Coach Shava is absolutely phenomenal! She uses her coaching expertise to help her clients transition from Grief to Growth. Like, she heals their mind and spirit after they have experienced heartbreak from loss. Her patience, genuineness, and compassion provide comfort and peace to all her clients. So Bomb!!!! 

Coach Vanessa is fire, honey!!! She coaches women on how to love their inner beauty so their outer beauty can shine brighter than any star. She restores confidence, self-esteem, and positive self-reflection for every client she has so they can embrace all the beauty they possess. She is a fashionista too so she will get you real cute!!!!

Coach Kennisha is one of the strongest coaches on the squad!! She provides single mothers with the resources and strategies needed to transition and transform their lives. She dives deep into the emotional, physical, and relational barriers that prevent mothers from excelling so that they can live the best life that they can!!!


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