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Become a Published Author

Become a Published Author (On-Demand Course) by telling your story to encourage, empower, and educate someone else. Bliss teaches you how to become a self-published author through understanding the writing, editing, designing, and publishing process.


Become a Boss

Become A Boss (On-Demand Course) teaches you how to Own your story and use it to create a service-based business monetizing your expertise and experience. Course covers concept, formation, branding and building and more.


Become a Life Coach

Use your story to guide others through tremendous breakthroughs and success. Becoming a life coach can position you to empower yourself through building a profitable business and empower others to live the life they deserve.

have you wondered what exactly is a life coach and if it was right for you? I totally understand!!! Everyone uses that term today and it can be confusing !!! That's why I created this course just for you. Get all your questions answered here before you invest in a life-changing career in coaching!!! Hopefully it touches your heart and I'll see you in a future course!!!




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