Own Your Voice,

Tell Your Story

Some make women of faith feel like they have created the worst sin possible by getting a divorce. They don't understand how it was God Himself who released you from what wasn’t right for you and from what was holding your life hostage from being what He designed it to. People are going to say what they want, even when they don't know what it is. So take the power over your life back by telling your story your way. Live in your truth by using what broke you to make you better.

Embracing the Remix

Living a life of financial freedom is possible sis. Even after divorce. How? Through Resilience. Learn how to regain your sense of pride, worth, value, and confidence through owning your story. God has a reason for everything and uses anything meant to harm you for your good. Faith in a season like this is knowing that He can turn your hard time into the best time of your life.


Embracing the Remix is a 8 step process to healing in order to reveal the purpose in your pain, and turning that pain into profit. I will walk the next 8 weeks of your rebuilding phase (Your progress determines length. Your rebuilding process is not a rush. We got time Sis!) with you to ensure that you are positioned to live the life you deserve, dream about and desire. We focus on forgiveness, confidence, resilience and more. If you ready to stop thinking about the hand that no longer holds yours, and start holding your own, sign up with me today!

The investment for this coaching experience is $825. Payment plans are available. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to get started. I'm ready when you are Sis!

The Remix Intensive

Choosing this Intensive will provide you with a Private 3-4 hour 1-on-1 virtual session to create your dream business once you have healed and ready to transition that pain to profit! During this session you and I will:

1) Develop a service-based business model using your expertise, experience, and what you enjoy.


2) Design your position of power: package and price


3) Design a Pajama Paycheck Plan: Product Creation

4) Build your Brand Layout: Mood Board for Social Media Templates, Website & Logo

5) Launch Logistics: Emotional Content Creation, Impactful Engagement Plan, Build Your Voice & Audience Strategy

The Intensive investment is $650. I built 2 successful businesses based off my heartbreak and what I can do in my sleep. I can help you do the same. No one was there to coach me Sis and I made some big mistakes. I'm here to help you do better than me faster! Let's go!

The Dream Academy

The Dream Academy is a Business Building Boutique designed to help women create the life of their dreams through embracing their story. Every woman has a story that should be told in a way to help others and help herself.

Coming Soon


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