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Bliss Dream Love Coaching is a boutique-style service for women to rediscover their faith and finances after divorce.


Sis your divorce was not the end of your life! Our services are tailored to fit the needs of any woman wanting to remix their lives! 


Through our Embrace Signature Coaching Program, together we navigate your way through regaining the confidence, wisdom, power, and resilience you need to create the life you deserve from discovering purpose and profit from your pain. Your divorce was not the end of your life Sis, it's the beginning! God created you for something amazing and we will help you unleash it!


Embrace means that you happily accept your own identity and uniqueness. Sis, that's what we are here to do!!  We want to help you Embrace this new phase of your life by rediscovering who you are and what you deserve. This time around, it's all about you on your own terms.  Your divorce was not the end of your life but instead, it's the Remix. It's the 2.0 version of you that is waiting to show the world the powerful, courageous, and dynamic side of you!! The real you is waiting to be tagged in Sis to do some work on building the life of your dreams. We are ready! Are you?

Embrace is our Signature Coaching experience that focuses on transformation, revelation, and elevation in order to start living again!!  This 3 months intensive will encourage any woman to engage in deciding to let go of what is weighing her down in order to lift herself up! Together we will let go of yesterday, today, so you can freely live tomorrow!!! 

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